I love-love-love community and connecting with others. The way I see it is, without people to be there for you for support, love, and good energy, how far can you really reach into the world? I want to put out goodness and love. From time to time, I'll organize a meet up between other people in the same "industry" as me. That can be a photographer meet-up, or a styled shoot where a ton of vendors get together to really network and create. It can also mean just having a space where good vibes flow with a little bit of yoga. Even getting together with other bloggers for a coffee/wine's all about getting together with like-minded individuals. The point of it is to connect with others. 


Free Yoga class!!


I haven't yet found a date and time for a super funky and flow filled yoga class, but subscribe and stay tuned for the details on that. It's like a party with a ton of good energy mixed in.


photographers styled meet up


Photogs: Do you want to shoot with me or have a really bomb a** idea for a shoot that you want to execute with me? Let me know!!