the stories i tell

As a creative soul and story telling lover, I live for the moments that I get to document for you. Through my commissioned work and personal work, the stories that are told and felt through the medium of photography hold a special place in my heart. 


Stories that i get to experience with you:

Let's face it..we're in the age of technology where it's so easy to document and capture a moment through the little cameras on our phones. It's such a beautiful age to live in. At the same time, however, this allows us all to believe that we are the prime story capturer and often times leads for us to not be IN the pictures. I myself am so guilty of this. Inspired by family time, slow kissing, hand holding, and spontaneous moments.


personal work:

Personal work entails doing work that keeps my soul alive. Sometimes it's a self portrait that I've conceptualized for a while, and other times it's an inspirational portrait shoot with someone that I've been itching to photograph. I spent so much time capturing moments for others, that I forgot what it was like to take a picture for me. I wanted to have something to look back on through the years.

 It's not all about being in front of the camera, but capturing the feelings that I love. 


editorial work:

As my work evolved, so did my interests. I've always had a soft spot for creative and elaborate elements. These works may not always be natural but usually are inspired by dreams that I have or movies that I've watched.