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Nursery Room Update #macrame

Nursery Room Update #macrame

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like something was missing but can't seem to put your finger on what it is?


Okay, so backtrack to a few months ago, when we were finishing up blueberry's nursery. We had everything that I had planned in my head and bookshelf wall was perfectly dressed with books and a few knick-knacks, but something felt "off" about that wall to me. It wasn't as complete as I thought it could be. A month ago, I found a wooden toy chest to fill up the spot, thinking that I'll be able to add pillows and her peluches(pronounced pell-oo-chess aka her stuffed toys). 

But....I still felt like something was missing. 
OKAY, so a few weeks ago, I was scrolling on IG or Facebook and I stumbled across one of Amanda's posts. I met Amanda a year ago when I got to photograph her and her then fiancé/now husband, Mario. I saw that she started a macrame business(@macramandadesigns) and totally fell in love with ALL of the things and messaged her right away to put an order in for Celeste's book wall.


Y'all.....I'm not even being dramatic, BUT HOMEGIRL SENT IT TO ME THAT DAY!!!!! Like, I put the order in, and the next day I had it. 

And that's the story of how I finally finished up the bookshelf wall in the baby's room! 

I actually really love this piece, which is one of the smaller pieces that she has for sale in her Etsy shop, because it goes great with the hanging bassinet that we have. It looks so perfect!




SHOP HER ETSY SHOP HERE and tell her I sent you!

P.S. I did NOT get paid for this review, and I did not get compensated in any way. I'm just sharing a product that I thought was cute and business that I enjoyed my experience with! 

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