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Long days going fast #selfportrait

Long days going fast #selfportrait


Such a contradicting blog title, no?  

Let me explain.... 

I’m with baby girl all day long, she even goes to work with me! I think it’s awesome because I get the best of both worlds, but that also means that my days are super long. I’m usually counting down the hours until her papa gets home so I can have a moment to refill my cup of energy and breath.  

But these days also are passing by so quickly. It was just a few months ago when we were welcoming her into the world. She’s growing so fast, I feel everything that she does is progressing and she begins to do things that I thought would happen months down the road.  

Anyways, I am guilty of just taking out the camera to take pictures of her, because she’s so damn cute(to me!). Every parent is obsessed with their offspring, right? It’s normal. I have thousands of pictures of her. Even though it’s both me and her all day. Just her. Not me.  

I want to have pictures of me, too.  

And that’s not for my sake. Seriously, I hate the way I look in pictures. 

For her sake. I want her to be able to look through our family albums one day and see me. The mama who loves her and will always be there to protect her. I want her to see the look in my face when I would hold her close to me for kisses and snuggles, because when she feels lonely or sad I want her to know that mama is the person who will love her more than anything.

Ugh, stupid new-mom-hormones...I’m crying now just writing this. 


Last Minute #nogiftcard Holiday GIFT GUIDE

Last Minute #nogiftcard Holiday GIFT GUIDE

Nursery Room #hometour

Nursery Room #hometour