Garden Store Visit / by jasmine bustos


Ever since moving to Downtown Mansfield, I've been trying to keep myself busy by visiting the small mom n pop shops around here, which surprisingly Mansfield is boasting with. 

Back in August, when we first moved here from Arlington(so so far #sarcasm), I saw that we had a garden store, Mansfield Gardens. Out on whim, I decided to stop by one day after I was dropping some packages off at the post office and the nicest lady approached me and asked about my pregnancy, what kind of lifestyle I had-to which I replied "Busy 100% of the time.", then she showed me around their selection of plants, flowers, and shrubs, and narrowed down the selection of things I should be able to take home with the type of lifestyle and time that I had to care for a plant. 


Flash forward to almost half a year later #RIPplant and hello plant shopping! I went back to see what other low maintenance plants I could get to try my hand at having a green thumb again. This time I selected a super low maintenance aloe vera plant, and kind of was forced by the baby on my hip to buy the tulip since she grabbed the petal and smushed it in her hand. Not cool, baby, not cool. 


Here's to hoping that these plants survive my forgetfulness to water them. May the odds be ever in their favor.