What teaching brought me this week

This week, and last week, have taken a toll on my schedule. Just alone putting the house on the market, has brought so much change that I didn't realize I needed to make. On top of that, I've experienced migraines and it put me in a funky state of mind. When I taught this Monday evening, I was having such bad migraines that I felt sick to my stomach....

When I get to teach, it's a time for me to completely give my energy into my students and be present for them, making space for what they need from me as a yoga teacher. So, I showed up, taught, and sometime during that entire two hours of teaching(I teach two classes on Monday nights), I found myself being so happy for the time that I got to spend away from all the things that I could have allowed to prevent me from going in to teach. I realized that not only am I giving my yoga students my energy and presence, but they in turn are giving me their all for that one hour that they spend on their mats with me. 

This week, teaching brought me gratitude. Simple as that. 


jasmine bustos