Meditation guidelines when you're impatient and busy as hell

Let me preface this blog post by saying that being a busy is sometimes a choice, as being impatient is. I fully know that I choose to stay busy and I choose the moments where I can be impatient or not. I knowingly choose to feel like I need to respond to emails/social media comments/questions/phone calls right away....I'm getting better at it by disconnecting completely for an hour each night. 

BUT....every week from now on, I have the beautiful commitment of slowing down, disconnecting, and turning off the outside world for a blissful hour. I recently started teaching Yin Restorative Yoga at Sunshine Yoga Shack in Mansfield, where I begin the practice with a yummy 5-7 minute meditation. 
Honestly, I don't meditate every day, as I did when I was in my training program. I'm so bad at making time for myself, but I hope that writing this blog will not only inspire others to meditate, but also inspire me to instead dedicate those 5-10 minutes that I spend scrolling social media to meditating. 

Before going into the quick guidelines, let me say that meditation is a beautiful way for you to find some grounding in your day or week. It's also a time for you to set the intention for what's to come that day, that week, or even a time for you to have a certain mantra in your heart. Meditation allows stress to decrease, here's what to do when you want to meditate. This is good for a 5-7 minute meditation, any longer than than, I recommend that you take a seated meditation so that you don't fall asleep
1. Find a quiet place in your home, work, or room. 
2. Bring yourself a pillow, mat, folded blanket, or yoga block to sit on. 
3. Some light instrumental music might help you if you're in a noisy area, but it's best that we keep external sounds to minimum
4. Take a seat/lay down(okay for shorter meditations). You can cross your legs, extend them out in front of you, sit on your shins...just make sure it's a comfortable position that you won't move too much in. Your hands can come to the top of your knees, to your lap, or to your sides. 
5. Ground yourself through your hips, extend through your spine and top of your head. 
6. Now the hard part: Close your eyes, bring awareness to your breathe. This is so much harder than it sounds. Sensations arise in your back, shoulders, neck. You start to let thoughts creep into your mind, and it's okay. Allow those sensations and thoughts to come in, but as you exhale, slowly let them pass on by. Focusing on the sound and feeling that your breathe gives you, helps to combat the thoughts, noises, and sensations. 
7. That's it. Enjoy the process then get back to your busy life with a little bit of a glow. 

If you've never meditated, begin with a 1-2 minute meditation, then slowly add on from there. During my yoga training program, we did a 60 minute meditation, that none of us were prepared for. It was hell but so euphoric at the same time. I remember thinking, "Is this really happening? How am I supposed to focus on breathing when my back is starting to hurt from sitting here. My legs are going numb. I like this though. This is legit! Am I levitating? Oh, no, that's just because I can't feel my legs.". To combat all of that, I should have used the block and blanket that my teacher had set out for each one of us to use. Also, it's totally okay for you to move your legs so that they don't fall asleep, I didn't know that it was "allowed" but nothing is off limits when it's your body!

If you're interested in coming to one of our classes where we begin our practices with a guided meditation, check out the schedule and sign up at the following link:


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