Pakistani Elopement | Aysha+Shakeeb

I think we're close enough,
Could I lock in your love?

I adore when I can capture the love between a young couple like Aysha and Shakeeb. They were gracious enough to model for a workshop that a friend of mine put together in Downtown Dallas. 

Although there were about fifteen photographers present and calling out different commands for the couple, when it got to my turn to photograph them, I just asked them to close their eyes and embrace each other. I find that when people truly feel deeply for each other, and you ask them to close their eyes(essentially shutting out the world and team of photographers just feet away from them), they fall into what's comfortable for them. 

That's what happened with these two, it felt natural, and it felt real. 

Thank you to the team that put this together:
Photography: Jasmine Adisbeth | Hair and Makeup: Vero Verdaguer ( | Florals: Gardenia ( | Henna Artist: Samira's Henna Designs (