DIY | Bubba Mug Decorating


Last year when we went to my family+friend's wedding in Cancun, we spent all of our days soaking in the sun and swimming by the pool bar going back for unlimited drinks. The groom, wised up and bought a HUGE mug from the resort that we were staying at. This 32 oz insulated mug held like 3 drinks in it at a time and meant the holder of said mug, could enjoy their time better by not having to wait for the bar keeps to get them a drink. But the resort was selling them for $35-40 a pop....neat for a souvenir, but not cool when you're ballin on a budget!

Well, fast forward to this year, the bride from last year's wedding thought it was a pretty sweet idea for us to buy the same mugs(off Amazon they're like $12-15😳). And of course we thought we could decorate them up really cute while we're back at our beach vacation this year!!

Supplies needed:

- Bubba Mug(your preferred color- mine is pink)

- Gorilla Glue(the super glue variety, NOT the other one. My first mistake of many)

- Deforating gems. Joann's and Hobby Lobby have some, as I'm sure Michaels does, too.

- adhesive letters(if you want to spell something out)

-Tweezers for the little gems/rhinestones

-Friends to do it with. It would be so boring to do it alone!

-Booze....because why not?

The one on the right is the one you need!  

The one on the right is the one you need!  


So simply put, I didn't have an actual "plan" for this. I just started gluing shit, and adding sparkle everywhere I could. My friend Dre, bride from last year, actually had a science for it since she had already completely bedazzled hers....but being the rebel...I mean, hard head that I am, I didn't listen to her very sound advice. I eventually handed over my project to her because what I did was looking like a 5 year old did it.

1. Clean the stainless steel surface of your bubba mug

2. Lay out your letters( if you're not doing letters skip to #4).

3. Once your letters are laid out how you want them to be, apply them to your mug, with a little bit of superglue on the back of them.

4. Start applying your gems, with each one add a little bit of superglue to the backing of it. It's super important that you start with larger gems along the edges of the stainless steal. It'll give you a frame work to work with. Once you've applied to all the edges, start working your way throughout the rest of the surface by adding on to that.

5. Fill in any little holes with smaller rhinestones.

6. Be sure to apply a little bit of pressure for about 5-10 seconds per gem.

7. Once you're done allow 24 hours for the superglue to fully "cure". 

8. That's it! Super easy, and a whole lot of fun. It's perfect for a girls night in or even fun for a bachelorette party activity.


Things I learned for a better mug decorating experience for next time.

-lay out your rhinestones in colors and sizes.  That way you're not searching for a certain sized one while the super glue is drying. 

- Keep a damp paper towel or rag nearby in case you mess up. Super glue dries super fast, y'all.

- I would have probably ordered some monogram decals. I actually had forgotten to get adhesive letters when I was at Joanns and instead had to hand cut my letters out of a glittery adhesive sheet. It took a long time for me to finish that part up so I was behind.

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