the ultimate bridal shoot

Ever heard of that saying "life is all about connection"? Well, yeah it is, but it's more about REAL connection. 
I think a perfect example of a real connection is that between true best friends. When you're all on the same energy level, and it seems as if you all get what the other is thinking by just a look, or when you all share the same humor and stories. #squadgoalsAF

I was able to photograph some of the most radiant women, in their wedding dresses. All of them are best friends, three of them being sisters and one of the beauties being a friend that became a sister to their group! It strongly reminded me of the connection that I am privileged to share with my best friends. Photographing them was an easy task as they were all camera ready, even on a cold November morning. It seemed as if on cue, they knew exactly where to place themselves, all cohesively moving, even when just one of them was signaled. They all moved with such a strong connection and rhythm, it made for such a great experience for all of us. 

Walking away from their shoot, I noticed that they were all still huddled together talking and hanging out. Even though it was frigidly cold this morning, seeing them all together sharing a bond even when the camera was turned off was so warming. It was such a great reminder that when you connect to other strong beautiful women, you are unstoppable in any sense.