Bend so you don't break | Heavy is the Head Editorial

I feel like every time I step out of my comfort zone with a shoot, I create a little piece of magic that I knew was hidden in there somewhere...but I wasn't forced into reaching out and grabbing it just yet. 
This shoot had a lot of wrenches thrown into it at the last minute. Being the procrastinator/overly busy person that I am, I constructed this dress HOURS before my model, Katie Phillips,  arrived for hair stylist, and makeup stylist(Joanna). I had a certain location in mind for the shoot, where the sunset looks amazing, but with heavy rain the previous few days, and even that morning, I didn't want to risk getting my team, my model, and my newly constructed dress stuck out in the mud. I also had to get a last minute hair stylist for the shoot, which is where Leticia stepped in a saved our ENTIRE day! 


"If you don't bend, you break."

A phrase that I've heard so many times in my yoga practice, and a mindset that I regularly need to remind myself to keep. Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self, kind of thing.

This shoot was a test of that phrase, and how true I could be to it. 

Since my location wasn't secure, I had to do a last minute location change. We shot a good part of our session in the DARK. Having forgotten my lights at home, I had to use what I could, with the help of my freaking talented team.
So, Innovate is what we did. I figured that if we bounced the light off my car's headlights with a reflector onto Katie, that it would illuminate her without being too harsh on her fair skin. However, it was hot and there were bugs everywhere-kind of a drawback of not shooting in the studio. Luckily, I had some bug spray in my car, and those reflective shades for the windshield, which we used to blow the bugs away from Katie AND to blow up her hair.  The lighting here is literally coming from TWO iPhones....yeah...two friggin' iPhones that were low on battery at this point(shout out to Leticia for holding them up+Joanna for fanning Katie during this process and getting some funny BTS shots of this!!).

You see, if I had been caught up with the fact that I had no lighting with me in a super dark outdoor setting, that bugs were eating us alive, and that I was a sweaty mess, I would have given up and told my team that it was a wrap early on when the sun had set. However....I allowed for that struggle to force me to step out of my comfort zone, which pushed me to create something different. I love the feedback and results that I'm getting from this shoot. It goes to show that sometimes you need to be fluid with what you do, in order to allow the process to happen.

jasmine bustos