Yeah, I photoshop your boudoir pictures....

Someone asked me recently, "Do you photoshop?"

The answer? Yes...and no.



I enhance the picture above(this is not a fully finished edit, but a quick snippet of where I'm going with it). As you can see, I've cleaned up a few details, enhanced some shadows and highlights, etc. But I do not/will not photoshop my beautiful boudoir babes features.


My brand is about empowering women, not objectifying them or molding them into what society thinks they should look like. I know we all have our own insecurities, but I think it's important that we learn to embrace the only temple that we live in.


It is without the lack of ability to alter or liquify that I say this. Because how backwards to femininity would it be for me to change who a woman is, just to fit someone else's ideal of what womanhood "should look like".


You are perfect and beautiful NOW