Dallas, TX- Anniversary Session- The Grands

My grand parents are probably THE the cutest, most in love, and natural couple I've photographed by far. Don't believe me?! Just look at them! 

Yep, that right there, is 57 years of marriage. Marriage that literally lasted through thick and thin. Their love for each other began when my grandparents grew up on their families' adjacent working farms in Mexico. They would write love notes to each other, and since they couldn't always see each other, they would leave those love notes in the cracks of a wall separating their lands. They have been with each other throughout the struggles of losing two children, raising six, working hard, building a life together, through sickness and in health. Their relationship has taken them through having children, grandchildren, and now even a few great grand children. They have truly seen a whole lifetime together. 

On this day, despite having a million things to do at work and in the office, I was able to sit down with my grandpa and talk for a while about life. Conversations with my grandpa are usually the same. His bellowing voice takes over the room and you have no choice but to listen to what he's saying. But this time, he started talking about happiness and how he's experienced true happiness many times in his life, and he's also experienced a "somewhat" happiness many times before. He told me that right now, he's at his true happiness. His days are spent with the love of his life, they wake up, have their morning routine, go out to socialize with their friends, come back home and rest, get ready to do it all over again the next day. He went on to say that the happiness he gets isn't from the routine, friends, or other things in his day, but from being able to spend so much time with my grandma. Although he has experienced poverty, wealth, health, sickness, fortune, misfortune, and everything else in between, he said the happiest times were when he was surrounded by my grandma's love.

On the outside, their graying hair, wrinkles, and age show a married couple that has grown old together, has seen a lifetime of growth, pain, happiness, laughter, hard work, and joy. But when my grandpa's eyes sparkle as he looks at my grandma and her laughter fills the room because of something he said, it reminds me that they're young at heart. It reminds me that we can all choose to be young at heart with the ones we love and that happiness comes from within as well as the ones around you. This is the love I want. The one that you can grow old with and the feelings stay young. A "grand" love.