You are SO WRONG...

These past couple of weeks, I've received so many emails from women who follow my boudoir photography, and they all exude so much love and appreciation for my work. Every single one of these emails make me feel happy because someone "sees" what I want to achieve with my boudoir work. #empowermentforwomen

However, there's always a point in the email that I dread getting to. It's the part where the sender will say "I love everything you do, I love your message, I love how you empower women to be their authentic self without worrying about what others will perceive of them, but I'm not _____ enough to be photographed by you/I need to lose weight/I need to get on a diet/I would have done it 5-10 years ago."

It makes me cringe and breaks my heart...

However, this is exact type of woman that I want to photograph. I want to photograph the woman that is going to be afraid and is going to have doubts about her photo shoot with me because then I get to turn around and completely bring her out of her shell. I want someone who is going to have doubts about her session, so that when I show her the pictures from her shoot she is amazed by how she looks and is reminded of her beauty. I want to photograph a woman that thinks she's past her prime so that I can show her that "prime" has nothing to do with the number on a scale or the age she is.  I want to have someone in front of my camera that is scared of doing an intimate photo shoot, because then I can empower her to be herself. I want to change the perception that someone feels like they aren't "confident enough" for a boudoir session, because she truly is confident beneath all of her doubts and insecurities. 

So, with that being said:

You are so wrong to think that you aren't beautiful enough, young enough, fit enough, confident, or curvy enough. But what's even more wrong, is that the majority of women feel like you. They feel that they aren't "enough". Trust me enough to change that outlook about yourself so I can slowly start doing the same for the rest of us.



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Email: NOT my picture or quote, this was made by the wonderful and witty Missy Mwac!
NOT my picture or quote, this was made by the wonderful and witty Missy Mwac!

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