3+4/365- Selfish is a good thing...

Currently listening to: The tumbling of clothes in the clothes dryer and silence. 

It's one of those late-I-should-be-asleep-but-instead-I-have-a-million-and-one-things-to-do-so-I-shall-stay-awake-to-do-them-all-because-I'm-fucking-superwoman-dammit kinda nights. You know which one I'm talking about. The ones where you don't know if you should drink a glass of wine to calm yourself down or if you should drink some coffee so that you can conquer the world. 

Coffee+wine is a thing, right?

I've had such a busy week. So busy that I failed to blog yesterday's 365 picture. Let me take that back..."failed" has such a negative connotation associated with it and I need to be positive with myself! Rephrase: I decided that I was so tired and just needed to rest, so I gave myself the pleasure of drinking some hot sleepy time tea and watched some news. I was being selfish, ignored all texts/calls/emails and gave myself some "me" time.

Yeah, it could be considered selfish despite all the things I could have been doing but I needed that little bit of time for my own sanity and peace of mind. I've been was so busy living up to my expectations of what I should accomplish and should achieve within a weeks time, that I put it blogging my 365 project on the back burner. Although, I did post it to my 365 group on Facebook, so it kind of counts.

I did some self portraits. Some that I didn't initially want to share because since I've been so busy(there I go again), that I've been having a bad hair week, or...month. I ended up with two that I really liked, and these were shot in my spare bedroom during one of my editing breaks. 

Continuing with numbero quatro #4 of my 365 after these #selfies.

I should have scheduled a hair appointment a month ago
— My thoughts on a bad hair day
Even though my hair looks like crap, I still have the RBF going on
— Resting bitch face



Currently listening to: Rotating and quiet whirling of the ceiling fan as it lulls me to sleep. 

(Posting from my phone) Another reason that I've been trying to get so much done, and out of the way this month is because tomorrow I'm going on a camping trip with my family!! I've been waiting for some time away from everything, and this trip couldn't have come at a better time. I'll be "selfish" with my time all weekend long and share it with my family:) Dont worry, all emails have been answered, galleries sent out, people scheduled, sessions edited, and blogs posted!!

One thing that I did not do this week, is buy groceries. Because when you'll be gone for a couple of days, there's no point in your food sitting at home all alone! So, in the effort to get rid of what food we did have so as not to leave any food to waste while we're gone, I didn't buy any groceries this week! 

When FrantheMan got home, he was starving and as he always does, he went scouring the pantry to find some snacks or some type of food. He eventually gave up because he didn't want to "make" anything. I guess food just magically appears out of thin air?  

Anyways, check him out trying to find some food then giving up. 



Looking, looking, looking.... 

Looking, looking, looking.... 

...defeated by the almost empty pantry. 

...defeated by the almost empty pantry. 

Ending comment: No boyfriends were hurt, starved, or neglected in this post. The man knows how to cook and he ended up feeding himself after many failed attempts of "puppy dog eyes". 

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