1/365- New beginnings, new goals, new opportunities!

What I'm thankful for today:  I'm thankful for being part of creative and artistic communities where I can share my work no matter how mundane or messy it is.

Currently listening to: Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas- Michael Bublé

Back in August, I started a "365 day" project along with my fellow photographers. I made it as as 5 days or something like that, so to say that this is a challenge is an understatement for a procrastinator like me. I started over a few times, but life always got in the way. And I know what you're thinking, how hard can it be to take a picture every day? Look, listen, listen, listen....it's not that easy. 

Not one bit. Not when you're constantly comparing yourself to some uh-MAZE-balls photographers who seem to take a picture of the perfectly curated dinner or can seem to even make a pile of laundry look beautiful in their photos. 

But a procrastinator can only start over so many times and can only compare herself so much. So, since it's November, it's the time for me to actually begin my 365. Not only will I begin my 365 project, but it's time for change, new beginnings, new goals, and new opportunities. 

My November list(hopefully some of these will become habits):
-Take my camera with me everywhere so that I can make good on my 365 project
-Be grateful for everything that I have
-Study hardcore for my GMAT
-Blog like every day- part of my 365 is to blog it for accountability! 
-Be better about my workouts

I wish I was starting with a clean unmessy slate- but seriously WHEN do can you ever start with a clean slate in life? Life is about restarting over and over again when you fall on your face.

This is my desk at my office. Messy, unkept, all over the place-just like my mind. Tomorrow, I hope to have it completely clean, but that's a long shot. In the meantime, this is where I'm starting. November is a new month, new goals, new opportunities, and new beginnings:)