10/365. Need to S-L-O-W it down


I need to slow it down with my schedule. I just realized it today. I've been neglecting eating right, working out, time with my pups, time with FTM, just overall being way too busy. I started to feel the effects of neglect to myself today. Woke up with the most sick feeling ever, and a killer migraine, then had a lasting stomach ache throughout the day. Now, as I write this blog post, I'm experiencing a migraine(again). 

So, I did what anyone in their right mind would do. Made myself a nutritious açai bowl, jammed packed with the right stuff to make me feel better. Let's just hope that this little bowl of goodness stays down tonight! 

However, the feeling of being sick reminds me that I need t chillax with making myself be busy all the time. I need to be busy taking care of my soul, my body, and my mind.  

Tomorrow, I'm going to carve out time to go to my favorite yoga class and maybe even make some time for a mind clearing jog. "One day at a time, and baby steps" are what I need to keep reminding myself as I hit RESET on my fitness/wellness journey. Today, I started with an açai bowl instead of eating the flatbread pizza I had prepared for FTM.