Oh, BABY!!

An all white themed baby shower for Baby Selene

JAP_Rosa Shower_1.jpg

I'm SO EXCITED..... actually the word "excited" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about this baby shower, which was hosted by yours truly!!! 
Earlier this year, my family got the best news ever which was that there was soon to be a baby for us to love and spoil and hold. As soon as I found out that my brother and Rosa were going to be parents, I became the overly enthusiastic aunt. 
The tiny little baby excited gears in my head began to turn thinking about the baby shower that I just had to host for them. I knew I wanted the celebration to reflect them as a couple yet reflect the little human being that I knew they would one day be raising. Since I couldn't plan an all pink baby shower(yes, the baby will be a girl!- eeeeep!) that was just like every other girl baby shower on Pinterest, I began to plan an all white themed baby shower with pops of green and rustic wood. 

I did as many DIY's with this entire heck of a project as possible, because....well, Auntie J's got a budget! Read below to see how everything came out!

The cake was bought by my little sister and decorated with fresh flowers that I bought at Kroger. The green was a nice compliment to all of the baby's breath and rosemary that we used for the centerpieces. 

The cookies were baked by the very exclusive Sweet Kate( IG: sode_kate- If you don't think cookies and craft beer are cool, then check her page out to see how she combines both into her life). She is AMAZINGGG. I asked her for a very simple 'S' design( the baby's name will be Selene!!) with a rustic white background and green floral to compliment the rosemary leaves that I was planning on using for the centerpieces. Not only are the cookies gorgeous, but they're even more DELISH!!! I placed them on top of wooden rounds that I bought at Joann's for just $8(here)! The wooden rounds also made their way to each table to hold our white wine bottle centerpieces. 

They paired perfectly with the rustic and white theme that I had going on.

I ended up using a lot of the decorations that I had lying around my house. This wooden crate held envelopes that were to be addressed to Selene each year for her birthday until she's 25 years old. I plan on sending the according envelope to her each year!

Instead of bringing a card for the mama to be, we asked our guests to bring Selene a book for her library in her nursery. This was one of the books that I was gifting her because I already love that baby "to the moon and back"!

The banner over the cake and dessert table was made with twine, clothespins, baby onesies, and bibs that my mom had bought for the baby. This is perfect because it's something that Rosa will be able to actually use!

The centerpieces were made with wine bottles(I don't ever throw away my wine bottles, so I had about 50 that we used for this project!) that we spray painted, added a chalkboard sticker, plus some baby's breath and rosemary for a beautiful and aromatic piece for the tables. 

JAP_Rosa Shower_13.jpg

Closeup of the wine bottles! I bought about 9 of these chalkboard stickers from Target at their dollar section for just $1!! 

Rosemary Lemonade was a big hit. I made about 5 gallons and it was ALL GONE by the end of the night. Recipe here

The beautiful and glowing Rosa!! She's so adorable with her baby belly!

Thank you to everyone that showed up to the baby shower! It was a blast!!

Click on the pictures below to view them in a larger scale.