Yamila- Sunset Quinceañera Session

I had SO MUCH fun with Yamila, who is turning the big fifteen soon. We wanted to do something fun and sporty-because the girl knows how to play a mean soccer game, but still feminine. She wanted a session to encompass her definition of a modern young lady. 

Backstory: I've known this young lady every since she was a wee little kid, who was always running around and playing soccer with her friends. Her mom is a longtime friend of my mom's who also cuts my mom's hair. I've known them since for-eeever and I couldn't even imagine that she was ALREADY going to be fifteen years old! I mean, I still feel like I'm near that age(I'm not, but I "feel" younger than I really am), so I was surprised that she looked like such a responsible young lady. 

Anyways, she's so smart and wise beyond her years, which is commendable for young ones at this age. I can't wait for her party, which is going to be inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's. Check out her Tiffany Blue quinceañera dress and those skills with her soccer ball.