Garden Store Visit by jasmine bustos


Ever since moving to Downtown Mansfield, I've been trying to keep myself busy by visiting the small mom n pop shops around here, which surprisingly Mansfield is boasting with. 

Back in August, when we first moved here from Arlington(so so far #sarcasm), I saw that we had a garden store, Mansfield Gardens. Out on whim, I decided to stop by one day after I was dropping some packages off at the post office and the nicest lady approached me and asked about my pregnancy, what kind of lifestyle I had-to which I replied "Busy 100% of the time.", then she showed me around their selection of plants, flowers, and shrubs, and narrowed down the selection of things I should be able to take home with the type of lifestyle and time that I had to care for a plant. 


Flash forward to almost half a year later #RIPplant and hello plant shopping! I went back to see what other low maintenance plants I could get to try my hand at having a green thumb again. This time I selected a super low maintenance aloe vera plant, and kind of was forced by the baby on my hip to buy the tulip since she grabbed the petal and smushed it in her hand. Not cool, baby, not cool. 


Here's to hoping that these plants survive my forgetfulness to water them. May the odds be ever in their favor. 


Nursery Room Update #macrame by jasmine bustos

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt like something was missing but can't seem to put your finger on what it is?


Okay, so backtrack to a few months ago, when we were finishing up blueberry's nursery. We had everything that I had planned in my head and bookshelf wall was perfectly dressed with books and a few knick-knacks, but something felt "off" about that wall to me. It wasn't as complete as I thought it could be. A month ago, I found a wooden toy chest to fill up the spot, thinking that I'll be able to add pillows and her peluches(pronounced pell-oo-chess aka her stuffed toys). 

But....I still felt like something was missing. 
OKAY, so a few weeks ago, I was scrolling on IG or Facebook and I stumbled across one of Amanda's posts. I met Amanda a year ago when I got to photograph her and her then fiancé/now husband, Mario. I saw that she started a macrame business(@macramandadesigns) and totally fell in love with ALL of the things and messaged her right away to put an order in for Celeste's book wall.


Y'all.....I'm not even being dramatic, BUT HOMEGIRL SENT IT TO ME THAT DAY!!!!! Like, I put the order in, and the next day I had it. 

And that's the story of how I finally finished up the bookshelf wall in the baby's room! 

I actually really love this piece, which is one of the smaller pieces that she has for sale in her Etsy shop, because it goes great with the hanging bassinet that we have. It looks so perfect!




SHOP HER ETSY SHOP HERE and tell her I sent you!

P.S. I did NOT get paid for this review, and I did not get compensated in any way. I'm just sharing a product that I thought was cute and business that I enjoyed my experience with! 

Skin Care Products that I Love #nomakeupchallenge by jasmine bustos

 that’s my face! no filter and no photoshop, I promise!  

that’s my face! no filter and no photoshop, I promise!  

This new year started off so fast, and without noticing it, the first few days of the year I ran around without makeup on my face. By about the third day I realized that I hadn’t worn makeup since literally last year. So I decided to see if I could make it five days total without wearing makeup.

To day that this was a challenge is sort of an understatement. I like to watch makeup videos while I feed the little miss, so I get a lot of inspiration to try out new things and not being able to apply face makeup had to be intentional.

Even though I’m not amazing at doing my makeup most days, I always have on concealer, blush, highlight, and mascara. I naturally have dark underyes and they’re even more pronounced now that I wake up at least once during the night for baby feedings. 

Suprisingly, my skin isn’t so uneven and was a little bit “glowy”, which I think is due to all the moisterizer and products that I’ve been using lately.  


I usually start off with the Purity cleanser because it’s a gentle cleanser, then follow up with some witch hazel as my toner. I like the Thayer’s Witch Hazel because it doesn’t smell like strong alcohol and doesn’t sting at my skin. Also, it smells amazing! I think I’ve only seen this one at Target.

The moisterizer that I’ve been loving right now is No7 Lift and Illuminate. It’s got like the perfect weight to wear throughout the day. I like that I can leave it all day and it won’t have to reapply until nighttime. Another moisterizer that I recently started using is the Renewed Hope in a Jar by Philosphy. I got it as a Christmas present and even though it has a sort of illuminesent look to it in the jar, it applies really well. I’ve started using this under my makeup.

And something that I’ve been doing for a few years now, even though I didn’t have any wrinkles I’d use the Neutrogena Wrinkle Repair. I actually began using it because it’s sipposed to help with dark under eye circles, but I love it because it helps to keep the skin around my eyes firm. Now that I’m getting older, I’ve started to actively think about how I can prevent wrinkles. 

At the end of the day, I’ll wash my face with the Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash by Philosophy. This is one of my favorites! I have one in my gym bag for post sweat sessions, and one at home that Fran loves to steal from my side of the restroom. It leaves skin feeling so resfreshed and clean! I always follow that with No7 Lift and Illuminate Serum, which applies so good on the skin. It keeps my skin super hydrated through the night. 


Okay, so that’s it! That’s all I’ve done so far for my skin but I’ll probably be adding more products to my routine this year for anti aging!  


Last Minute #nogiftcard Holiday GIFT GUIDE by jasmine bustos


I've always been a procrastinator, ever since I can remember...
This doesn't help when buying gifts. But I've always loved buying gifts for those I love. So those two put me into a bit of a dilemma, right? Loving to buy the gifts but putting it off until the last minute so I'm scrambling. 
Oh, and currently, I still haven't finished my own shopping list, so I'm right there with you. The struggle is real, has been real, and probably will be real forever.

I would like to say, I procrastinate for ALL gifts, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, baby showers, you name it. By now, I pretty much have it my head what gifts are great for people to open up. And no, these are NOT GIFT CARD GIFTS. Although, let me tell ya, I love to receive gift cards. Just giving them for Christmas, kind of makes me feel like they'll think I put no effort into their gift. 

Let's get started. Most of these gifts you can find at your closest stores, my closest store in my little town of Mansfield is going to be Target(aka the ultimate-suburban-mom-place-to-get-things-at). Odds are, the reason you're even reading this is because you are a Beautiful Procrastinating Soul(we rule, by the way) and you missed the deadline for online shopping to get to you. I'll provide y'all with links so you know which stores to hit up.

To pamper someone. This is like the ultimate go-to gift combo that I get for anyone that I know needs a little bit of help slowing their life down to chill or if I know they like to pamper themselves with some "me-time".  Oh, and the last picture...yeah, those aren't chocolates, those are the world's cutest bath bombs!
Coffee Mug+Comfy Socks+Indulgent Chocolates+Bath Salts/Bath Bomb

For the person who hits the gym 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, and the special 8x a week. *Cough, cough* My very own mother...
Gym tote/Gym Duffel Bag+Foam Roller(TJ Maxx or Marshalls has some!)+Insulated Water Bottle

I'd like to also add in here, that getting them a membership or a block of classes at a local gym along with any of these items is a pretty awesome kickass thing to do, too. I personnally will be buying a very special someone either 1 on 1 training session with a local favorite personal trainer who trains athletes or a crossfit membership(shoot, I hope they don't see this!).

For Family/Friends Game Nighters: 

We sometimes have game night on our own or will do board games with family, so this gift is perfect for anyone who likes to entertain or has a big family or big group of friends.  
Get a little creative and attach a bottle of wine bottle to your gift for a super fun game night.

For the cinephiles. We consider ourselves a little bit of cinephiles over here at the F-B household and something like this is right up our alley. You can get your movie watching friends the newest movie, some candy, and popcorn. Put it all into a basket, and call it a day! Promise you, it's one of the best presents that a movie lover can get because they'll have another excuse to movie-n-chill. 

P.S. Don't forget to throw in a blanket so that they have something to snuggle in while watching the movie!


For the people who like to eat. Okay, so this gift is for anyone!! Food is a girl's best friend, a man's best friend, and literally like anyone's best friend. You can either get them this or a box of pizza, which would make anyone happy. But if you want to go a fancier route try getting them some stuff for fromage. 

Cheese board, a cheese set(cheese knives), fondue pot, and a bottle of wine(this bottle of Iter Cabernet is amaaazing with cheese) to pair it with.

Oh, and if you're lucky enough to live in Mansfield area, here are some local places to go and find your gifts at:

Creations Baking Company- For cute cupcakes and cookies, of course! They have the cutest cupcakes that would make your last minute shopping efforts worth it. Even if you're done with shopping, you can stop by here for a treat for yourself, because you deserve a cookie.

Lil Blue Goat- They sell soap, sculptures, paintings, plants, and other cute little things in this gift shop/doctor's office. The people there are extremely nice and helpful and will help you find exactly what you need. 

Sock Monkey Junction- This is  Toy Store!! I honestly hate shopping at big box stores so a small place like this that still has really creative and fun toys to grab while I'm out and about shopping is a must place to stop at. They also sell books, so if you're like me and like giving the gift of reading, this is a must place to stop at. Oh, and they'll also wrap your purchases for you!

Okkkkay. There's my gift guide. Short and to the point! Now, I'd love to hear some of your suggestions for last minute gifts that are #nogiftcard kind of gifts! I've gotta run to the stores and find my gifts, wish me luck!


Long days going fast #selfportrait by jasmine bustos


Such a contradicting blog title, no?  

Let me explain.... 

I’m with baby girl all day long, she even goes to work with me! I think it’s awesome because I get the best of both worlds, but that also means that my days are super long. I’m usually counting down the hours until her papa gets home so I can have a moment to refill my cup of energy and breath.  

But these days also are passing by so quickly. It was just a few months ago when we were welcoming her into the world. She’s growing so fast, I feel everything that she does is progressing and she begins to do things that I thought would happen months down the road.  

Anyways, I am guilty of just taking out the camera to take pictures of her, because she’s so damn cute(to me!). Every parent is obsessed with their offspring, right? It’s normal. I have thousands of pictures of her. Even though it’s both me and her all day. Just her. Not me.  

I want to have pictures of me, too.  

And that’s not for my sake. Seriously, I hate the way I look in pictures. 

For her sake. I want her to be able to look through our family albums one day and see me. The mama who loves her and will always be there to protect her. I want her to see the look in my face when I would hold her close to me for kisses and snuggles, because when she feels lonely or sad I want her to know that mama is the person who will love her more than anything.

Ugh, stupid new-mom-hormones...I’m crying now just writing this. 



Nursery Room #hometour by jasmine bustos


From the moment we first bought our house, I began to imagine all of the things I would do to welcome home our baby who was on the way. We bought our house in the middle of the Texas summer and I was EIGHT months pregnant(last minute rushing and story for another day!), so I was 1. bursting at the seams(literally) with ideas for a nursery room, and 2. had to make it happen pronto because she was on her way. 

First things first though, planning her room had to be quick, simple, and had to reflect my style. However, I've always been the type that likes to do things a differently, so I didn't want to do any pink in her room. I wanted a clean and minimal color scheme for her room. Since her name means light blue in Spanish, I also wanted to incorporate the color blue in her room. With the help of some gold accents, and a splash of blues, I was able to make her nursery room seem minimal boho chic and ready for a baby girl.

Her hanging bassinet was delivered a few months before we bought the house and the wall art was made by a local artist, with one of the pieces hand painted by myself! Her papa made her some floating book shelves, because a little girl needs a place to put all of her books, right? 

 **Details of her nursery room items are at the bottom of this post.


Hanging Bassinet: Hang A Hammock 
Wool Rug: Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines
Gold Frames: Target 
Wall Art(Florals): Commissioned by Dallas Artist Jenna Vanzant Underwood
Wall Art(Watercolor): Handpainted by me
Changing Table: Sakandi Cabinet Pier 1 Imports
Round Gold Mirror: Target
Wooden Bookshelves: Handmade by her daddy(he's a carpenter)